Born and raised in Canada which means my childhood was mostly hockey, apologizing, and failing french class.

I studied graphic design for two years and graduated in 2018. Brand design and iconography have always been my passions but I really just love to design awesome stuff for awesome people. In the future, I plan to return to the classroom to pursue my Bachelor of Design.

I can’t stop traveling (It’s a problem). I’ve backpacked across Europe three times, spent six months working in India, spent a semester studying design in Singapore, and spent three months volunteering in Cambodia. I’ve been to Dubai, Rome, Hong Kong, Bali, Nepal, Bangkok, Australia and if my wallet allows it, more soon.

I need coffee to survive (cliché I know). I’ve been to bartending school. Converse are the best shoes ever made, there is no debate. Chicken wings are so good. I also have a store that sells merch to raise money for mental health and I co-host a podcast that doesn’t exist yet.